What is EWO?


Eyes Wide Opened is a London-based social enterprise running career-clarifying courses and workshops for people of any age or stage in life.


Given that the average person spends a whopping 10,000 days of their life working, we think your job should - and can - be more than just a means of funding your weekends. To that end, our motley crew of eight super-experienced coaches (including a hostage negotiator, an actress and a CNN presenter) help people reflect on themselves and their career options through two and five-day public courses, online tips and exercises, and bespoke, on-site events, talks and workshops for organisations and institutions.  


Here are just some of the things you can expect to get out of your time with us:

  • Deeper self-knowledge and a clearer understanding of where you want to be heading in your career - and life - and what a truly you-shaped opportunity would look like
  • A greater appreciation of the unique strengths, skills and qualities that set you apart, and more confidence to use them
  • The ability to translate this brilliance into a door-opening CV, then to articulate and demonstrate it in person, in order to ace your interviews
  • Improved communication and influencing skills
  • A newly honed and developed contacts book and fresh networking opportunities
  • An action plan for your next steps, and more focus, inspiration and motivation to carry them out


And you don't have to just take our word for it:


Watch the video above to hear what participants of one of our five-day courses thought of the experience, click here to read full case studies of past participants, and here to read our course reviews. You'll also find photos of our most recent public course on our Facebook page.

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Wordles don’t lie…

We ran the second of our 2014 public two-day courses at the weekend. It was hugely enjoyable to run and Continue reading

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