What is EWO?

Eyes Wide Opened runs courses that can change your life.



“This programme has changed my life by helping me identify and tap into what I have to give. I feel equipped, I feel empowered, I feel confident.  Everybody should do this course.”

–  Alanna, graduate participant

“We help people who are at a crossroads – students, those going through a quarter- or mid-life crisis, those wondering how to make the best of their careers – figure out where to go next in their lives. Through expert-led exercises, practical personal coaching, feedback and inspirational teaching, our motley crew of eight super-experienced coaches (including a hostage negotiator, an actress and a CNN presenter) lead you to:

Know yourself better
Make better choices
Find a better career
Be your best self



You’re going to spend well over 10,000 days of your life at work. Through two-day courses, half- and one-day workshops and bespoke on-site programmes, we show you how to make those really good days.


“Eyes Wide Opened is an extraordinary idea that will ensure that our next generation don’t just survive but thrive in the new era of innovation and personal opportunity.”

– Richard Gerver, writer, broadcaster, former head teacher



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