Our 2-day courses have become a byword for transforming people’s view of themselves and their future direction. If you’re facing career indecision and despair at your options, you have to be prepared to do some quality introspection.

On an EWO course, you work in coaching groups on a series of exercises that get you to see yourself completely differently by the end. And that’s the point – to see new possibilities for yourself.

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    Initial evaluation

    Our work with you starts before you attend. When you sign up, we ask you to briefly take stock and let us know where you are in your life, how you’re feeling about that and what you want from the two days. Everyone comes to our sessions from a unique place. If we know what you want, we can help you meet your goals.

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    Pre-course work

    We provide you with pre-work – a structure to help you gain perspective, to see yourself differently and to see yourself through other people’s eyes. This helps you prepare your mind for change.

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    The course

    Our tools are centred around self discovery to help release blocks and support breakthroughs. You’ll experience a structured and creative process based on your pre-work. You work in small groups to gain perspective and talk about new directions and possibilities and where you might focus your energy. You finish the course by creating a five-day plan of steps that you can action.

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    Shortly after our workshop or course, we offer a one-to-one half an hour coaching call to discuss how you’re feeling and what your next steps are. Finally, you are invited to join the EWO alumni network.

As part of this journey, you’ll discover your Six Signature Strengths. These include your skills, aptitudes, personality, passions, impact and values. It is the combination of these that makes you distinctive and gives you energy. We then use an exercise – My Living Landscape – to help you see yourself in a different light. All your qualities and talents are crystallised into the ones that truly make you stand out. These are the elements that make you YOU!

Interested in our next weekend workshops?

2nd/3rd February in London

If you want to speak to a coach about the course, please contact hello@ewopened.com and book a time for a conversation.

EWO changed my life. In two days I found the courage to make changes that I’d been dreaming about for years.

Lindsay – past participant