Coaching can unlock people in remarkable ways. Having someone new, away from your friends, family and colleagues, to talk to and to talk through issues with, can unblock years of limiting beliefs and help you see the world, and your place in it, in a fresh way.

We offer a free conversation before you decide whom you would like to work with and we suggest between two and four sessions should do the trick.

I have found the experience of working with you transformative, which sounds a grand claim but I really do feel entirely different.

Coaching recipient



Coaching options

Individual coaching
Eyes Wide Opened provides reflective, creative, one-to-one ‘transition coaching’ to help you at whatever stage of working life you’re at. We take you on a ‘unique-to-you’ three-session journey and, if you need more support, we build on this to accelerate your progress in whichever way you need.

We start by asking you to write to us describing where you’re at. Our aim over the three meetings and our emails in between is to help you see yourself differently and, in doing so, to see possibilities for yourself to move forward. We stretch you beyond your comfort zone. We discover your skills, passions, values, capabilities, experiences and other qualities and we reframe these as transferable skills.

The rather different, creative way in which we work at EWO – and the very important time for reflection between the three sessions – creates vital space for you to think, reflect and be bold. As recurring themes emerge, we explore how you can make the most of your unique story so far to create a life closer to the one you want in the coming months and years.

Inner coach
Life’s daily activities can be distracting and it’s easy to settle back into old habits. We’ll help you to discover your ‘inner coach’ so that you can keep the momentum going that we’ve built together. Find out more here.

The Coaches

The coaches at Eyes Wide Opened come from many different backgrounds: business, arts, education and public service. They all share a passion to help others through their professional journey. Meet the team.

Our prices start from £200 for a session. To ask about coaching and speak to a coach, please contact