We partner with head-teachers and their teams to help pupils start thinking about and addressing their futures.  The most common problem we come across is a lack of confidence and self-belief.  What EWO offers is a practical way for each person to consider the range of their strengths and talents.  This builds confidence by helping young people frame the real choices available to them based on who they are.  We are therefore complementary to, but quite different from, traditional careers advice and psychometric testing.

We transfer knowledge, skills and external contacts to your team so that the work we do is sustainable.  We act as a link between parents, teachers and employers.

Workshops, Masterclasses and Courses include:

  • A series of nine sessions over nine weeks: “There’s more to you than meets the eye” – unlocking strengths and developing potential.
  • Day and half-day masterclasses to teach storytelling, listening, and impact skills to year groups or specific teams such as your Prefects
  • Half-day workshops to tackle subjects such as mindset and attitude; ambition and drive; giving and receiving feedback; looking after your energy.
  • Evening talks for pupils and parents around preparing young people for the working world including work experience preparation and internships

We work in a range of ways to suit each school because our services work best when tailored to your needs and the school’s philosophy, budget and time.

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We’ve been working with EWO for three or four years now and have only positive things to say. They are a breath of fresh air in all that they do. Students regularly review these sessions buzzing with ideas and plans for the future. EWO pitch advice and discussion with a perceptive awareness of the sixth form mind; common sense and living the dream combine to good effect leaving students with purpose and direction as they plan their next steps.

Mr Brendan Fanning

Deputy Head of the Abbey Senior School
Anthony returned home vibrant after the first day. On the second day he seemed grounded and focused. He has been noticeably different since then. He is more chatty, open to ideas, confident and listens more. The change is really quite tangible.


mother of Anthony, a Sixth Former and 2-day participant