Here we've collected a selection of comments about our courses and workshops. If you need more proof of the pudding, flick through our video testimonials and read the glowing (and unsolicited) blogger verdicts of our two-day course in May.


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“I gave my 20-something godson an EWO course as a present because he was lacking in confidence and direction. It was an immediate success for him – in just a weekend he identified his strengths and the area he wanted to work in, and thanks to a steer from his EWO coaches he found a job he wanted within weeks of the course.”

 – Kate, BBC Producer


“Without EWO I wouldn't have had the confidence in myself to pursue a job that seemed out of my depth. It really was the most useful thing I've ever done and I can't thank you enough.”

– Ella, 5-day course participant


“I have been pushed so far out of my comfort zone that I can’t even find my way back to it. The possibilities that open up are huge.”

– Gary, 5-day course participant


 Lora on Eyes Wide Opened


 “Eyes Wide Opened is the glue that holds everything together: your personal life, the academic world, life skills… it makes sense of the bigger picture. EWO gave me a sense of clarity, focus and a tangible structure. Everything has been great ever since!”

– Devin, 5-day course participant


 Elena on Eyes Wide Opened


“My week with EWO has changed my life by helping me identify and tap into what I have to give. I feel equipped, I feel empowered, I feel confident. Everybody should do this course.”

 Alanna, 5-day course participant


 Abs on Eyes Wide Opened


“I thought the coaches were incredibly helpful and insightful and I wish I was on the full course!”

– Heythrop College 1-day course participant


 Matt on Eyes Wide Opened


“It doesn’t suddenly give you all the answers, it gives you the tools and things you need to figure out the answers for yourself. Six months on I feel a lot more confident, braver and I’ve got a lot more conviction in what I want and don’t want to do.”

 Alan, 5-day course participant


How To Be Jobless



“I've been in education since I was 6 and secondary school since I was 12, and all this direction has happened in 3 days. I just wish everyone could have this experience!”

 Sarah, 5-day course participant


“I had a truly amazing, 'eye opening' experience! It was incredible getting guidance from such a wonderful group of people.”

 Josh, 2-day course participant


 “I knew I wanted a change but couldn’t see what direction to look - this course has given me motivation and ideas.”

 2-day course participant



School-leaver or grad trying to persuade the ’rents to chip in? Show them this:


“EWO has given her the most profound experience of her life to date. She has so clearly turned a corner and is headed – slightly anxiously – off in a new direction.”

– Sarah, mother of Ella, a graduate and 5-day course participant


“Anthony returned home vibrant after the first day. On the second day he seemed grounded and focussed. He has been noticeably different since then. He is more chatty, open to ideas, confident and listens more. The change is really quite tangible.”

– Denise, mother of Anthony, a Sixth Former and 2-day course participant

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