Paul and I set up EWO in 2011 in response to a timebomb.  Too many graduates were (and they still are) leaving university with significant debt and no idea what they could do with their degrees, or what they want to do with their lives.  At the same time, the businesses we worked with were commenting on the lack of self-aware, emotionally intelligent graduates. We also saw that schools were reappraising how they readied pupils for life after A Levels. 

The gap we aimed to fill was a way of thinking about yourself that recognised the new reality that this generation were likely to have several careers and many job roles.  Of course, there is a need to focus and be an expert. However, the value of transferable skills that can be translated across different careers is critical. That’s why we created the 6 Signature Strengths model.

From our own experience, we know that people get jobs for several reasons, of which the right skills and experience is a cornerstone.  But it’s not the whole story. We want people, at whatever stage in their careers, to be able to talk confidently about themselves and to be honest.  Our life experiences, learnt lessons, and the advice and feedback we’ve collected along the way are testament to this honesty.

EWO is a quiet revolution, helping people think differently about themselves and the world around them.  We encourage people to be more open about their journey, the barriers and the breakthroughs. Such honesty is powerful as it’s authentic.