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The Press and Journal

Grad jobs

October 2018


the Jobs Supplement

February 2018


EWO (Leonie Gordon) – Aberdeen Press & Journal 2.2.18(1)


The Telegraph

May 2017

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April 2017

EWO in Psychologies 1 – 20.4.17

EWO in Psychologies 2 – 20.4.17


Evening Standard

April 2017


University Business
August 2016

EWO in University Business P1

Psychologies magazine
May 2016



‘Elite Listening: The tricks to getting what you want done
City A.M
November 2015

City AM 'Elite Listening' EWO - 16.11.15

Mia Lederman interviews Alastair Creamer
Osteopathy Today
September 2015

EWO in Osteopathy Today - Sep 2015

GCSE’s over and no idea what to do next?
September 2015

Known for the right reasons
Gradjobs UK
September 2015

Would you take your own career advice?
Psychologies Magazine
September 2015

Preparation for life?
University Business
September 2015

Shouldn’t ‘Careers Education’ start with self-awareness?
Teach Sec
August 2015

What do you want to be?
Psychologies Magazine – ‘Helping others with Careers’  pg 67-69
July 2015

How can I think differently about where I’m heading?
Escape the City
30th June 2015

Can ‘elite listening skills’ affect your career chances?
June 2015

The Parent Trap
8th May 2015

What’s really holding you back from finding the answers?
2nd April 2015

Julie Batty’s #CareerBlogChat on ‘How important is a meaningful work life to you?
Live Twitter Chat
19:30-20:30, 1st April 2015

Uncovering the Right Career Path with the Founder of Eyes Wide Opened
The What Now Blog
30 March 2015

‘Soft’ Skills are Definitely the New ‘Hard’
National Careers Week Digital Guide
March 2015

How to tell your story so you have more effective interviews
6th February 2015

A hostage negotiator’s business tips
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The Financial Times
5th December 2014

Confidence is key when starting your career
2nd December 2014

How can I be more truthful with myself?
Escape the City
27th November 2014

Are you in the right job?
Psychologies Magazine editor Suzy Greaves interviews Alastair ahead of his sold out workshop
18th November 2014

Choosing university courses: finding the degree that’s right for you
3rd October 2014

The power of being prepared
Psychologies Magazine – LifeLabs
26th September 2014

The university interview: questions you can ask
Which? University
22nd September 2014

6 reasons it’s not your fault
Online Recruitment magazine
12th September 2014

Q&A with Eyes Wide Opened careers coach Julie Batty
28th August 2014

Is your working life an adventure?
Psychologies Magazine – LifeLabs
7th August 2014

Dos and don’ts for interns and work experiencers
Results Day 2014: The Official Guide
16th July 2014

Hate your job? Rushing to change it? Overwhelmed by career indecision?
Psychologies Magazine – LifeLabs
1st July 2014

Career Crisis: is all your job-hunt “doing” stopping you from reflecting?
Psychologies Magazine – LifeLabs
23rd June 2014

Listen to yourself to find the right career
The Student Room
10th June 2014

The university interview: how to buy yourself time
Which? University
4th June 2014

Looking at your career with your ‘eyes wide opened’
Review of the two-day course on The What Now Blog
21st May 2014

The university interview: getting over your nerves
Which? University
16th May 2014

Career-hunting and the art of reflection
The Student Room
15th May 2014

How do I know if a graduate scheme is right for me?
The Student Room
30th April 2014

Quitting your first job
Quarter-Life Clueless
28th April 2014

Careless interns and grads beware! Lessons from the BBC’s W1A
Jobs and Careers magazine
28th April 2014

Should I work for an SME or the mighty corporate?
Jobs and Careers magazine
2nd April 2014

Are grad schemes the way forward or a way out?
Instant Impact
7th March 2014

Do people really want a ‘career’?
The National Careers Week Guide
28th February 2014

10,000 days of fulfilment or regret?
The Evening Standard (London)
20th February 2014

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Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.53.47 AM

Are you employable?
Jobs and Careers Magazine
31st January 2014

Ella’s story
The Chichester Observer
22nd August 2014

Rosie’s story
The Surrey Mirror
30th May 2013

How to give a strong and memorable interview performance
Jobs and Careers Magazine
17th May 2013

Making the move from education to work, the stress-free way
The Student Room
24th April 2013

Universities should see alumni as a talent pool, not a money pot
Guardian Professional
19th February 2013

Making graduates more employable: the gap between university and work
Personnel Today
29th January 2013

Determination is vital to getting your career going
The Independent
17th January 2013 (Glynis Kozma)

EWO in Independent

Unemployment and the Facebook Generation
Jobs and Careers Magazine
5th December 2012

Interview with Alastair Creamer
Jobs and Careers Magazine
28th November 2012

Who is responsible for student employability?
Guardian Careers
31st October 2012

EWO aims to boost graduate unemployment
2nd November 2012

Top 10 preparation tips for graduate jobseekers
Jobs and Careers Magazine
8th November 2012

Graduate employability: less fingerpointing, more preparation
HR Magazine
26th November 2012